Handy resource to prepare for South Africa’s Matric exams.

Past Papers for National Exams in South Africa

This link will take you to the Department of Education in South Africa.



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Long time no see.

Well, it has been ages since I have made an appearance in my class. Being in South Africa takes it toll: especially with the slow speeds and availability of the Internet.

However, I will now endeavour to make a more regular appearance and post information relevant to Geography in South Africa and news items that I find from around the world.

The world around us and the world as a whole have so much to offer – especially in regards to travelling, geomorphology and human geography.

Visit this classroom more regularly to keep up with the FET phase of geography in South Africa and to find handy resources to assist preparing for exams.

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Geography Grade 12

Class notes uploaded to Geography: geomorphology pages.

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It is an exciting time at school at the moment with Grade 12 students doing work on geomorphology. Go to the section at the top of the menu and select the Geography pages to find out more. These pages are dedicated to provide links to websites, videos and graphics to enhance the revision materials.

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South African Adventure: The Big Move

Follow this part of my blog to keep in touch and comment on moving from the United Kingdom to South Africa. Allthe things to look out for plus what happens when you sell your house etc.

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A New Year and a New Challenge

Welcome to our new students. We start this year with a brand new “Only a 100 Words” and it already seems like you have taken it to heart. I have noticed a large number of interesting short stories and am looking forward to many new ideas.

Bring it on!

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Only 100 words: Crime scene edition

Visit the “Only 100 words” section to get the information for this week’s assignment.

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