Geography Grade 12

Class notes uploaded to Geography: geomorphology pages.

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It is an exciting time at school at the moment with Grade 12 students doing work on geomorphology. Go to the section at the top of the menu and select the Geography pages to find out more. These pages are dedicated to provide links to websites, videos and graphics to enhance the revision materials.

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South African Adventure: The Big Move

Follow this part of my blog to keep in touch and comment on moving from the United Kingdom to South Africa. Allthe things to look out for plus what happens when you sell your house etc.

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A New Year and a New Challenge

Welcome to our new students. We start this year with a brand new “Only a 100 Words” and it already seems like you have taken it to heart. I have noticed a large number of interesting short stories and am looking forward to many new ideas.

Bring it on!

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Only 100 words: Crime scene edition

Visit the “Only 100 words” section to get the information for this week’s assignment.

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Only a 100 Words: Week 6

It seems like this has been a difficult one: students have struggled with the correct use of some of the words.

Words given: (verbs) Searching, Bullying, Facilitating, Washing, Flying

The winner of this week: Hanna Cando

Here is her story:


Anna woke up. Her head hurt terribly after she had spent the night on her laptop searching for the answers to her homework. The floorboards creaked, as she made her way towards the window, and caught a glimpse of a crowd of boys bullying a scrawny kid. She shook her head wearily. Diverting her thoughts, she checked the next door’s garage to find the gigantic lorry that had arrived yesterday, facilitating them to move all their furniture and washing equipment. Suddenly, she jumped as a deafening drone came from a flying car, which whizzed overhead. The day had now begun… 

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Only a 100 Words: Week 6

Last week’s words were quite difficult so, in order to give you a chance to review your submissions and give others an opportunity to submit a story the words for Week 6 will remain the same as Week 5.

Looking forward to a range of new entries.

From this week onwards, you can upload your story using the DropItToMrSteynsclass or you can just post it as a comment. Remember that spelling and the correct use of the words are important.

Week 4: Words given: World, Car, Space ship, Spagetti, Clouds WINNER: Lucy
Lucy’s Story
Amy was just about to lift off in her spaceship. Three two one bang. This was her first time in space as she had just passed her course as an astronaut, she was so excited. It took an extremely long time to get past the clouds and into space however it was really worth it as she saw something a-ma-zing. This was a completely different world. Once Amy was in space she saw something quite weird. What she saw was unexpected. Spaghetti in a car wasn’t what she was thinking she would see. How bizarre. What she will see next?

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